our take on the russian invasion into ukraine


the pictures are heart-breaking. and the facts are simple and clear. the russian president and his cronies are exerting a one-sided, aggressive, unjustifiable attack against the sovereign european country ukraine. the attack is based on unfounded nonsensical claims and was prepared long in advance following an atrocious, inhumane plan. president putin and his submissive comrades are responsible for every life lost and for all the damage done on their behalf. having friends and longtime bonds in both ukraine and russia, we join the ranks of those who demand an immediate end to all war operations and the restoration of ukraine’s sovereign borders.

mr. putin: you repeatedly said you didn’t want to wage war. just fucking stop it, then. for the sake of peace, humanity and history. and also for the sake of your own people whom you have harmed enough already (don’t you think?). greetings to the protestors, we are with you. nobody is interested in having russia as their enemy. russia is not putin. putin is not russia.

end. this. insane. war.