list of questions (incomplete)

  • what exactly is better now from a kremlin point of view than it was before invading into ukraine?
  • if an aggressive proactive invasion into another country involving the killing of its citizens and the destruction of its infrastructure on a massive scale with tanks and guns and bombs and aeroplanes all over the place isn’t a war, then what is a war?
  • why does the west have to provide a face-saving solution to mr. putin when russian propaganda can and will sell any shit to their audience anyway? do we need to send flowers and cookies?
  • how long will it take for the russian propaganda until they’ve substantially infiltrated and pulled over our beloved querdenker community with their nonsensical narratives?
  • does it make sense to threaten other countries with ww3 as a method of extended suicide and then expect support from those at home who will have to buy the ticket, too?
  • will our habitat be destroyed by warfare and nukes or will it ultimately be the distraction of global attention and resources from fighting climate change right at the last meaningful point of time?
  • how come nobody in the putin camp ever looks at ease with themselves?
  • how many decades will it take to restore peace and trust?
  • will diorama ever play a show in russia again?